Commissioned Quilts

Quilts are love, especially when you wrap yourself up in a very special quilt that you helped design!  I have been quilting for 30+ years and that equals out to a whole lot of quilts!  Some were commissioned, some were gifted and I kept just a few special quilts for myself and my family.  Whether you are looking for baby quilts, king-sized quilts or any quilt sizes in-between – I will make sure you are 110% satisfied with your quilt!

Here are a few quilts that I have made over the years, all of these quilts are my own original designs:


Lap Quilt


Lap Quilt


Baby Quilt

misc 004

King-Sized Quilt

Commissioned Memory Quilts

Someone you love passes away, and you want something to memorialize their life…and keep a very special memory for yourself.  I can help!  Using whatever fabrics or mementos you have from your loved one, I can turn it into a quilt that will be loved and cherished for years to come.

Here are a couple of examples of my Commissioned Memory Quilts.  With the exception of the first quilt shown, all other quilts are my own original designs:


I made this quilt for myself so you could say I commissioned it myself, too.  It is a lap-quilt size but it remains cherished by me.  It is not made out of anything from my loved one’s clothes…but, the fabric choices I made are perfect for the memory I have of a dear one –
“God Gave us Flowers So We Could Have Roses in December”


This is a large-sized baby quilt.  All of the blocks are made out of clothing or golf towels, provided by a widow so I could make a very special baby quilt for her soon-to-be-born grandson.  The family is also partial to a certain college in Texas, so the outlines of the special blocks were completed using that specialty fabric.


Front of a Commissioned T-Shirt Lap Quilt – 65″ square


Back of a Commissioned T-Shirt Lap Quilt – 65″ square


Loving Memory Quilt made from a friend’s mom’s pajamas, which was all she wore the last 10 years of her life.


High School Graduation Quilt – Long Twin-Size


Fraternity Boy Meets Sorority Girl Commissioned T-shirt Quilt – Queen-size


High School Graduation Commissioned Camp Memories T-Shirt Quilt – 65″ square

Tarleton Quilt 2017 Embroidered, pieced & quilted

Residence Hall Association 2017 raffle quilt, Tarleton State University, Stephenville, Texas. Embroidered & pieced by TK Harrison

uinceanera Embroidered & Pieced quilt. 2017

Quinceañera 2017 embroidered & Pieced quilt by TK Harrison